iCloud Sync

Noto uses iCloud to sync notes, allowing you to access your notes on all of your devices. Please note that it may take a few moments for notes to sync between devices.

To enable or disable iCloud Sync, simply toggle the iCloud Sync option in Noto Settings.

If you have sync issues, please verify the following:

  1. Make sure you have the same iCloud account on both of your devices
  2. Make sure you have enough leftover iCloud storage
  3. Make sure you have iCloud drive enabled on both device
  4. Check your iCloud drive folder to see if you have Noto folder available in your iCloud drive.

Sync bug:

There is also an ongoing bug in iOS 13 and Catalina that is affecting many apps that uses iCloud sync. You should be able to recover this issue by restarting your phone/mac. On your mac, you might need to trigger iCloud sync by navigating to the iCloud Drive folder in finder. We are also hacking around and looking for a solution to this, but it looks like many developers have tried different things and the community haven't found a solution. So you might have to bear with us waiting for Apple to fix their iCloud bug.