Encrypt your notes with password

Noto allows users to lock individual notes behind passwords. Locked notes will be encrypted on disk. Its content will be hidden, displaying only the title until it is unlocked.


  1. On the note editing screen, tap the Share button.

  2. Tap on Lock Note button

  3. Create and confirm a password for the note.

  4. If needed, add a password hint to help you remember the password later.

  5. Tap the Lock Note button.


Noto uses Apple CryptoKit to encrypt your note's text content once a lock is applied. We use the ChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher for encryption, in combination with PBKDF2 for added security.

If Face ID or Touch ID is enabled, the password is then stored inside Apple's SecureEnclave for biometric authentication.

Note: Your attachments (images, videos, files) are not being encrypted due to performance reasons.

App Lock

If you want to lock entire app with a single password, checkout Lock Noto with a password.